Web3 Development and Acceleration Studio – Rarestone Labs – Leaves Stealth Mode

Rarestone Capital is pleased to announce the official launch of Rarestone Labs – a new start-up studio dedicated to incubating and supporting talented founding teams go-to-market with maximum awareness. We’re focusing on the full Web3 stack; from NFTs and Open Metaverse, to Open Finance and everything in between. 

At Rarestone we understand that maximising impact means contributing more than just financial capital. While our team over the years have been participating in the crypto space as builders, marketers, researchers and connectors, we’re excited to introduce Rarestone Labs —  an entity that allows us to engage more formally with exciting crypto projects by offering value-added contributions and a go-to-market blueprint that has been extremely successful the past year.

Rarestone Labs ultimately serves as a full-stack partner to the most promising teams in crypto helping entrepreneurs on their journey to developing and building Web3.

Our Disciplines

With the collective expertise of our team and network, we have designed a streamlined acceleration path tailored specifically to founders at the early stages of their network and native-crypto-asset launch.

1. Due Diligence and Discovery

Understanding the people behind the vision, the protocol design and the competitive landscape are all important when making an investment decision. It’s also vital to building any brand.

Our discovery and due diligence process involve primary and secondary research, founder meetings and brainstorm sessions to uncover hidden gems and the truths to the story. Our findings form the basis of all our subsequent value-add contributions primarily surrounding research, brand development and public relations.

2. Strategy Refinements

Web3 protocols are ecosystems. We work alongside founders to make sure we optimize for attracting capital, aligning incentives and accelerating network effects in cost-effective ways. We focus on helping with:

  • Token allocations and distribution
  • System design and game theory
  • Product and customer discovery
  • Fundraising
  • Marketing
  • Crisis management 

3. Brand Development & Creative Studio

Our discovery and due diligence phase allow us to distil the values of our portfolio projects and ultimately find the right direction for the narrative of the brand.  From developing the brand identity from scratch to crafting the perfect pitch to building decks and websites, our team of copywriters and design partners work alongside founders to make sure their message connects with audiences from all around the world.

Our team of talented in-house creatives and advisors also help bring these messages alive with videos, visuals, tailor-made artwork and NFTs. We also support them with pushing brand assets through the channels that matter.

4. Network Access

Over the years, our team has cultivated a one-of-kind network of the most active and respected institutional investors, influencers and web3 teams. We make introductions that make sense to all parties.

We’re also partnered with industry heavyweights whose reputation and experience is invaluable to our clients. Our advisory board has also been leveraged by our clients in situations where niche expertise is needed. We’ll be sharing more information about our team, as well as our board of expert advisors and the projects they’ve been working on in the coming weeks.

5. Rarestone Research

Rarestone research focuses on presenting the most cutting-edge protocols and sought-after venture deals in crypto and blockchain.

Our mission is to cut through the noise, explain projects in a digestible way and unpack every facet of the protocol from technology to commercial development.

6. Network Participation

We understand that cryptonetworks often need other types of capital.

Whether it’s staking, voting or provisioning raw compute, we roll our sleeves up and help bootstrap networks on their journey towards mass adoption and true decentralization.

7. Public Relations

Rarestone offers tailored, success-based PR campaigns in the leading Web3 and Tech publications. Our PR team leverages years of experience and personal connections to help us distribute key messaging for our portfolio teams.

The key difference between Rarestone and traditional blockchain agencies is that our PR comes from a place of operational execution as builders and investors. We have been in the trenches and know what it takes to generate effective and proactive PR leading up to and following a successful launch. 

In the past year, Rarestone has been the PR lead for Binance Launchpad projects (Injective), DeFi launchpads (Polkastarter), DeFi heavyweights (DIA, RAMP, Aleph, Radix, Chromia), NFT platforms (Terra Virtua, Alien Worlds), and more.

Since last year Rarestone Labs has helped over 30 founders on their mission to deliver their vision. If you’re here for the long-term, we’d love to collaborate. Let’s work together to create impact. 

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