Robin Davids

Based inBerlin, Germany
FocusToken Engineering, Research

Robin works very closely with Rarestone’s portfolio projects on refining their commercial, technical and token economic strategy. His speciality lies in analyzing and optimizing the game-theoretic components for aspiring decentralized protocols.

Robin acquired his first $ETH in 2015 before becoming completely enthralled with the industry and entering the space full-time while still at University. He went on to co-found a consulting firm focusing on strategy, network design and content creation. Robin has been instrumental in the token incentive design for several projects including Ferrum Network, Tellor, Warp and Ultra.

Robin is actively involved in the open-source movement, dedicating time to help crypto advocates and entrepreneurs as a KERNEL fellow at Gitcoin.

His hobbies include trading, walking his dog and coding. Robin studied Law at Albert Ludwigs University Freiburg im Breisgau.


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