Luke Jones

As an avid trader, Luke started his career at the Hubb Financial Group supporting aspiring financial analysts and traders learn about the financial markets. He then went onto become a stockbroker at Ord Minnett before joining the Finlease Group – one of the largest financial brokerage firms in Australia – as a finance broker. After purchasing his first $ETH in 2016, Luke quickly became engulfed in crypto. He co-founded Fortifex, a software development company dedicated to the industry. At Fortifex, Luke and his team helped several multi-national organizations with the development of private and hybrid blockchain networks.

Luke has been a keynote speaker at several blockchain-focused conferences in the south-east Asian region. He also keeps apace with developments in the space through his YouTube channel, Blocksiders.

His hobbies include trading, gaming and travelling the world. Luke has an MBA from UTS majoring in Entrepreneurship, a BA in Business & Accounting and a BA in Information Systems from ACU. He is a RG146 compliant and accredited derivatives advisor.