Jared Polites

He has previously worked as the VP of marketing at Crypto Media Group and Launchteam. Since 2017, the companies Jared has worked with have raised over $500mm in traditional venture capital and crowdfunding. His career started at the FBI where was an Intelligence Analyst, followed by experience at a VC firm in Southeast Asia and tech startup in NYC. 

Jared’s hobbies include travel (50+ countries), photography, and writing (Entrepreneur, HackerNoon, e27, and 10 other publications). Jared graduated with a BBA from The University of Texas and a Master’s in Finance from Sciences Po Paris.


Feb, 8 2021

How DeFi Will Reshape Financial Services

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Jan, 26 2021

The Top 5 Cross-Chain Projects To Watch In 2021

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Aug, 30 2020

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