Introducing Rarestone

Corporate consolidation and data-driven monopolization have led to asymmetrical returns for shareholders, societal inequality and growing levels of distrust with the system as a whole. Blockchain and crypto-assets represent a paradigm shift in how humans and devices organize, collaborate and earn. Through solving the inefficiencies and economic injustices at the very core of the firm, crypto seeks to restore trust and fairness with the businesses we work for, the technologies we use, and the products and services we consume. 

Today, we are beginning to see this play out in the world of money and finance. Powerful incentive mechanisms coupled with non-sovereign forms of money and composable protocols are leading to the emergence of a new financial system. Crypto-enabled financial applications — coined Decentralised Finance (DeFi) — are challenging the established order of centralised financial services in ways that unlock new income-generating opportunities that are more open and accessible to everyone. However, the buck doesn’t stop there. Blockchain and crypto-fuelled applications will power next-generation computing platforms that will underpin smart cities, IoT devices, social networks, marketplaces and more. 

Who We Are

Since 2015, our team has individually made over 70 investments as angels, helped entrepreneurs raise over $300 million, made over 1 billion impressions through online marketing, and witnessed multiple market cycles. History has taught us to not only trust our instincts but to also operate on principles rather than a narrow investment thesis. We are excited for our team members to align forces and operate as a new entity: Rarestone Capital.  

Rarestone Capital is a venture capital firm backing crypto-networks and blockchain companies at the pre-seed and seed stage. Our mission is simple: back purpose-driven founders building novel incentive-driven networks that aim to create positive societal change.

Over the last 6 months, we’ve been quietly deploying capital and supporting founders behind the scenes. To date, we’ve made over 10 venture investments in likes of API3, Manta Network and Hashr8, to name a few. 

We Create Impact 

The Rarestone team is home to growth hackers, product managers, researchers & hyper connectors with big picture vision. We support every founding team we back the same way; with the full force of our collective expertise and network. We’re established in a way that allows versatile and efficient capital deployment; whether equity or tokens. Our team is globally distributed – yet firmly synchronised.

We’ve developed a streamlined acceleration path for our portfolio projects that focuses on all key components necessary to attract users and accelerate network effects. For us to be the best venture partners to work alongside the best and brightest web3 teams, we have to be as determined as they are. It is in this light why we have prioritised three design principles: 

  1. Future Focused – We are optimists. As founders push their vision out into the world, we’ll help them prepare for the biggest outcomes humanly possible. 
  2. Relentless – In the true spirit of crypto, we believe in the positive-sum game. A founder’s success means our success. We work as an extension of their teams.
  3. No BS – We value openness. We’re brutally honest and we won’t make fake promises just to get founders on our side. 

The crypto industry is growing at warp speed with many credible entrepreneurs, developers and institutional investors now entering the space to capitalize from arguably the largest shift in wealth in the history of the internet. Crypto presents an infinite amount of white space with imaginable and unimaginable market opportunities.

If you’re here for the long-term, we’d love to collaborate. Whether it’s through supporting your venture or having you a part of the Rarestone team – let’s work together to create impact. 

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