A New Model For A New Age

Corporate consolidation and data-driven monopolization have led to asymmetrical returns for shareholders, societal inequality and growing levels of distrust with the system.

At Rarestone, we believe crypto represents a paradigm shift in how humans and devices organize, collaborate and consume.

By solving the inefficiencies and injustices at the very core of our social constructs, we believe crypto will restore trust and fairness with the businesses we work for, the technologies we use, and the products & services we consume.

We Back Purpose Driven Founders Changing The World.

Since 2015, we have made dozens of investments as angels, helped entrepreneurs raise millions of dollars and witnessed multiple market cycles.

Crypto presents an infinite amount of white space in what we believe will be known as the open metaverse. At Rarestone, we seek to deploy capital in imaginable and unimaginable market segments.

History has taught us to not only trust our instincts, but to also operate on principles rather than a narrow investment thesis.

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A Dedicated Partner You Can Rely On

At Rarestone we’ve developed a streamlined incubation acceleration path for our portfolio teams.

Future Focused

We are optimists. As you push your vision out into the world, we’ll help you prepare for the biggest outcomes humanly possible.


In the true spirit of crypto, we believe in the positive sum game. Your success, means our success. We work as an extension of your team.


We value openness. We’re brutally honest and we won’t make fake promises just to get you on our side.

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We Are Not Your Ordinary VC firm

At Rarestone, we’re not just capital providers. We’re builders and users too.

Being an active community participant firmly aligns our incentives with the ecosystem and catalyzes network effects.

Community comes first

Every decision we make is done following a thorough review of the positive or negative impact it may make on your community.

We take only what’s fair

No two projects are the same, so why should our stake be? We’re open to customizing our terms to ensure the best outcomes for everyone.

We participate

We’re not back-seat investors. Rarestone is actively involved in governance and community discussion. We often play a part in the network itself as a supply or demand sider too.

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